Tobacna: Life of a Construction Pit

This project* explores transiency of human intervention in space, using a stage of a halted construction as a playground.

Construction pit is an early stage of construction, which is, hidden with a fence, usually quickly covered by an erected building. Since in this case the construction was frozen, the “fetus of a building” is subjected to natural processes for a longer time. This creates a unique surreal aesthetic with elements such as construction spikes, square columns, pools and metal, clearly influenced by natural processes.

To make my own little intervention and a new parallel sub-branch of development, I photographed the space and placed the prints in the central area of the pit, on the bare uncovered concrete walls which seemed an ideal exhibition spot.

After a year, the prints were disintegrating beneath the walls and their traces were barely visible. Whether the construction evolves into a building or not, after some time, it will inevitably become a ruin and similar to my photographic intervention, disappear within natures uniformity.

*This work was a part of a project at part of at Department of Photography, Higher School of Applied Sciences.